Nicole Batters Florida, Targets Carolinas

Charlotte Stormwater Services have already cleared a dozen blockages along our waterways in preparation for flash flooding.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — History has been made, but it’s nothing to celebrate. Nicole roared ashore in Florida as a Category 1, becoming the second-latest landfalling U.S. hurricane on record.

Erosion issues still lingering from Hurricane Ian over a month ago are contributing to road and building collapses across the Sunshine State. These high-rise condos in Daytona Beach were evacuated on Wednesday after being deemed at risk of collapse in the storm.

Although Nicole is no longer a hurricane, it still packs a punch. Tornado watches span along the coastlines of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas Thursday night.

That said, flash flooding will be the main threat for most of the WCCB Charlotte viewing area. Charlotte Stormwater Services are removing obstructions along the waterways Mecklenburg County in order to minimize the flood risk.

“The county has operations crews going out and checking for any blockages,” says Stormwater Services’ John Wendel. “So, they’ve been doing that over the past couple of days, and, as a a matter of fact, out of the 44 locations, they found 12 blockages and had them removed.”

“Mother Nature designs floodplains to flood. That’s in her plan. So, we try not to ruin her plan. We don’t want to mess with her plan.”