Johnson C. University Student Visits White House For Press Briefing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  A student from Johnson C. Smith was one of more than 30  student journalists from HBCU’s  across the country selected to attend an exclusive White House press briefing with Vice President Kamala Harris. 

The floor was open to questions ranging from funding for HBCU’s to being a black woman in leadership. 

Jayla Deboles was selected to represent Johnson C. Smith University. 

She says one of the most impactful parts of the experience was seeing diversity represented at such a high level. 

 ” To see that much representation. To see that they’re both HBCU graduates, both of them being a part of the Divine 9,  I think it helps students like myself and younger generations to see what they can aspire to be. I think it also inspires the older generations to know that we’re not where we used to be,” Deboles said. 

The briefing focused on the Biden-Harris Administration’s support for HBCUS, which has included nearly $6 billion in cumulative investment through the Department of Education.