Talk, Truth, Tea: $30M Lawsuit In Tiger Woods’ Messy Breakup & Is Cher’s Boyfriend Breaking The Bank?

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s “Talk, Truth, Tea”, Tiger Woods’ is being sued for $30 million. His ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman also wants a judge to throw out a nondisclosure agreement from 2017. Herman claims that Woods is in breach of contract. She says she was given permission to live on golfer’s estate for 5 years after their breakup. But Tiger’s camp says that’s not true. His attorneys say Herman was only being allowed to live at the home as long as the two were together.

Is Cher breaking the bank? Her friends are concerned that she’s doing too much lavish spending on her young boyfriend, Alexander Edwards. They are worried that she could blow through her $360 million fortune. Edwards works for Def Jam in a position that pays him $500 thousand a year.