Mom To Lancaster Co. School Board: Are You Waiting For Tragedy To Happen?

INDIAN LAND, S.C. – Not going away. The family at the center of a death threat made by a student at Indian Land Middle School was back in front of the Lancaster County School Board Tuesday night. It’s been eight weeks since another student threatened to kill their 14-year-old daughter. The school says it investigated, and determined the threat wasn’t credible. The family wants more to be done. They want an updated safety protocol for the district, and now, they want new district leadership.

Former Indian Land Middle School parent Natalie Lesnefsky told the board, through tears, “Our district is hiding their failure at the expense of our daughter and future victims. What other threats are you not following your own protocol on? Are you waiting for a tragedy to happen before you do?” Her daughter, Sophia, told the board, also through tears, “No kid should be scared to go to school. Parents should not be scared to send their kid to school.”

The boy who made the threat is still in school. Sophia is now being home schooled because she and her parents are not comfortable sending her to class.