Planetary Parade: Chance To See 4 Planets In The Night Sky This Week

Planetary alignments happen every few years, but the way the planets are positioned vary.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — Four planets, plus the moon, will align across the night sky this week. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be visible after sunset. Uranus will also line up with the other planets, but will be very dim and tough to see with the naked eye.

The Planets:

  • Jupiter will be close to the horizon
  • Mercury will be close to Jupiter
  • Mars will be higher in the sky
  • Venus will be the brightest of all planets
  • Uranus will be close to Venus, but you will not be able to see it with the naked eye

Tips For Viewing:

  • Viewing will be best earlier in the week as Jupiter is higher above the horizon. As the week goes on, Jupiter will sink closer to the horizon.
  • Look in the western sky
  • Go out just after sunset