Infertility Awareness Week: How to Cope with Infertility and Miscarriage

This Infertility Awareness Week, WCCB's Rachael Maurer meets founder of Selah Fertility, Laura Fletcher.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Infertility Awareness Week is observed annually to bring awareness and encourage support when facing infertility or miscarriage.


This week, WCCB’s Rachael Maurer met Laura Fletcher; who is the founder of Selah fertility, and has first-hand experience.


In this segment, Laura and Rachael discuss what people can do if they are infertile or have experienced miscarriage, how to support others in your life who are coping with this, and how to tackle the stigma that has shrouded infertility and miscarriage for many years.


Laura’s book, The Grace in Grief: Healing and Hope after Miscarriage, can be found on Amazon.


For the link to the Selah fertility website and many more resources, click here.