Rip Currents Could Impact Carolina Beaches Memorial Day Weekend

Rip currents the #1 weather related killer in the coastal Carolinas

Rip currents are powerful, fast flowing, narrow channels of water. They form as waves push water up the slope of the beach.

If you’re caught in a rip current, remain calm and swim parallel to the coast to escape the current.NWS Rip Current Explainer

According to the National Weather Service, rip currents are the deadliest and most common hazard along North and South Carolina beaches.

From 2000-2022 there have been 179 deaths related to rip currents across the coastal Carolinas. There have been 41 tornado fatalities, 24 flood fatalities and 20 lightning fatalities.

Rip Current Facts:

  • Rip currents pull people away from shore, not under water.
  • Rip currents can occur when the weather is nice.

How To Spot A Rip Current:

  • Look for a narrow gap of darker, calmer looking water. This will be between areas of churned, whitewater.
  • Look for areas where waves are not breaking.