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GenForward Poll: Most Young Whites Think Clinton Broke Law

Young Americans are divided over Hillary Clinton's handling of her email account while she was secretary of state, with most young whites saying she intentionally broke the law and young people of color more likely to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt.

Trump Ladies Campaign In Mooresville

Hundreds of North Carolina Republican women gathered at Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville to meet and hear from the ladies on Trump's campaign.

Donald Trump says he isn't backing Paul Ryan, John McCain

As Republican loyalists continue to flee, Donald Trump has ignited new party tensions by refusing to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan or Arizona Sen. John McCain, a remarkable display of party division just three months before Election Day.

AP FACT CHECK: Misfires In Hillary Clinton's Speech

In her speech accepting the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton wrongly implied Donald Trump has proposed banning Islam in America and sketched out a plan for defeating Islamic State militants that merely mirrors what the U.S. is already trying to do.

Promoting National Unity, Clinton Also Seeks To Build Trust

Hillary Clinton capped off a four-day convention celebration with a plea for national unity and tolerance. Now, one of the most divisive and distrusted figures in American political life must convince voters that she rather than Republican rival Donald Trump can bring a deeply divided nation together.

Trump Walks Back Email Hack Comments

CNN -- Donald Trump said Thursday that he was being sarcastic when he appeared to suggest that Russia should use espionage to find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails. But he's finding out that presidents -- and by extension, presidential nominees --…


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