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Companies Reconsidering North Carolina Over LGBT Rights

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory met with gay-rights advocates bearing a letter signed by more than 100 corporate executives urging him to repeal the nation's first state law limiting the bathroom options for transgender people.

Critics Say Trump Vulgar, Lacking Policy

In addition to his latest comment about women and abortion, many critics say Trump doesn't have a clear stance on policies domestic and foreign, but some local Republicans defend him and his policies.

Under Fire On Abortion, Trump Fights To Court Women

Donald Trump is fighting to convince a skeptical Republican Party he can improve his standing among women, even as he takes back an explosive comment about abortion and attacks the credibility of a female reporter police say was illegally grabbed by the GOP front-runner's campaign manager.

AG Roy Cooper Won't Defend HB2

Attorney General Roy Cooper says his office will not defend House Bill 2. Several civil liberties groups filed a Federal lawsuit on Monday, saying the new law doesn't protect the state's LGBT community from…


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