Charlotte Grandmother Behind Bars, Facing Charges She Killed Her Grandson.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.–Kaley Lowery’s young life came to an end on July 22nd when he was pronounced dead at CMC Pineville. “Kaleb was 9 months old to the day that he died. He deserved a long happy life. He didn’t deserve this,” said his Great Grandmother JoAnn Lowery.

Police charged Kaleb’s grandmother, Charlene Workman, with involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday at her South Charlotte home. Workman was often spotted walking with children around the neighborhood of Lina Ardley Lane not far from the Blakeney Shopping Center. Neighbors say she mostly kept to herself. “I got four grandchildren and I just can’t understand how something like that can happen,” said South Charlotte Resident Paul Hudson.

Test results from the Medical Examiner’s Office show Kaleb died of an overdose of two separate drugs. CMPD is not telling us what they were. Kaleb’s Great Grandmother is worried he didn’t get proper treatment for a unique medical condition. “I’m sorry that this happened.I feel like Kaleb could have been saved” said Lowery.

Now, she’s waiting to find out exactly what happened to her great grandson. And why the woman taking care of him at the time was denied bond. “Everybody is innocent until they go to trial. Let’s just hope the truth comes out,”
said Lowery.

Workman is scheduled to face a judge again on October 2nd. At that hearing,
she’s expected to appear alongside her court appointed attorney
for the first time.