Man on the Edge – Still Camping Out?

This video is no longer available.

What a week!  First the new iOS 7 dropped on Wednesday, and now we’re looking at the brand new iPhone 5s and 5c coming out tomorrow!  For some people the annual “new phone” event from Apple is time to pull out the camping gear and set up for a night of anticipation.  But with pre-orders, next-day deliveries, and online shopping, is the whole “camping out” thing done?

Normally, if you want an iPhone and don’t want to camp out, you can just pre-order it.  But that wasn’t the case this time.  Apple didn’t take pre-orders for the 5s, which is the only one with new hardware.  They did take pre-orders for the 5c, which has those candy-colored backs, but who wants to pre-order the baby phone?  The 5s is the new thing.  And the buzz is: Apple didn’t take pre-orders because it wants those campers.

And that’s probably because in recent years, the excitement over Apple’s product launch hasn’t been as big, at least as far as the visuals go.  They still set record sales, but with so many people ordering early, you don’t get the same throngs of fans camping out.  And on the marketing side of things, images are everything.

But what about you?  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to find out what you guys would still be willing to camp out for…