The Power Of Prayer: Hundreds Rally For Elected Leaders

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ROWAN COUNTY, NC – Hundreds of protesters showed up in Rowan County on Monday hoping the power of prayer can help their elected leaders.

The protesters were supporting Rowan County Commissioners who have been forced to stop opening meetings with prayer in Jesus’ name.

The rally was organized by Return America, an organization focused on promoting Judeo-Christian values and religious liberty.

“Our fundamental right to pray in the name of Jesus starts back at our very beginning,” said Dr. Ron Baity, president of Return America.

Commissioners were sued in March by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of three Rowan County residents.

On Monday, pleas and prayers came from the massive crowd of protesters who showed up from across the state.

“More and more people are getting anti-God, anti-Christian and anti-Christ and we’re concerned about that,” said Bob Jeune, a Winston-Salem resident.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments starting November 6. The attorney representing the commissioners says he expects a decision no later than June of 2014.

“With Congress still opening with their prayers in Jesus’ name and with the Supreme Court haven’t previously ruled in favor of prayer in Jesus’ name, we’re very positive that this decision before the Supreme Court will come down in favor of more freedom,” said David Gibbs, an attorney for the National Center For Life & Libery.