The QC Scene: Jon Fortes and Mimosa Grill

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Every year, the Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series brings the best chefs of North Carolina together to compete in a cook off featuring North Carolina based ingredients.  In the vein of The Iron Chef, contestants are told the day of competition what that particular ingredient will be and are instructed to incorporate that ingredient into a multi-course meal that is scored by Judges AND up to 130 diners.

     This year Jon Fortes, executive chef of Mimosa Grill, represented Charlotte to rave reviews.  Although he and his team made it to the Final Fire round of competition, they were ousted when the judges score took rank over the favorable opinions of the diners.  I caught up with Jon post-competition to discuss his experience in it and what it means to Mimosa Grill.

     He also prepared a couple of classic Mimosa Grill dishes that definitely pleased my palate.