Hundreds of Panthers Fans Plan to Head to Super Bowl

Video edited to remove NFL footage.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Panther fans are planning their next move to California.

The bandwagon keeps growing with the team headed to the Super Bowl, and long-time fans say there’s plenty of room to jump on.

“Going to the Super Bowl really is a celebration of the community!” said Joe Ryan with Roaring Riot. “I’m gong to go to the city any way you want to slice it.”

Ryan is making plans for nearly 500 Roaring Riot members heading to the Bay Area.

This week, he’ll announce a tailgate spot where the die-hards will meet Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, Charlotte companies were printing NFC Championship shirts in the thousands. Fans Only LLC has their officials champ shirt for sale at

“We’ve captured the heart of the team,” said Steve Holcomb.

To join the Roaring Riot for the Super Bowl, click here for updates.