Thieves Target Charlotte Firefighters

CHARLOTTE, NC — The good guys are under attack. Firefighters across Charlotte are looking over their shoulders after five firehouses have been targeted by thieves. The criminals know what they’re looking for, and they know exactly when to look for it.

The tall fence outside one Charlotte fire house, not nearly enough to keep criminals at bay. Five times this week, thieves targeted Charlotte firefighters’ personal vehicles. Never caught, because the crimes were timed just right.

“We feel that it could be somebody monitoring our radio traffic,” said Charlotte Fire Capt. Dennis Gist.

So when the crews are out responding to calls in the community, their stuff is being stolen. WCCB News confirmed that includes several firearms.

For the record, city code on firearms reads in part, “…the legislature has made it legal for the general public, including City employees, to store a gun in their car at a City work site.”

Word of the crimes spread fast. The Denver Fire Department is on alert. It’s equipped with surveillance cameras that give a 360 view of the bays and the building exterior, even in the dark. The doors are coded and lock behind employees. And if the thieves venture here?

“If somebody hits one of our guys, we’re gonna share the video footage and hopefully get them arrested,” said Denver Fire Chief James Flynn.

As for whether any possible security cameras caught the thieves in the act at the Charlotte fire houses?

“That’s not something we’re commenting on for investigation purposes,” said CMPD Lt. Mark Santaniello.

CMPD and the Charlotte Fire Department will say they are stepping up security.