App State Students Storm Streets Against HB2, Supporters Pray in CLT

CHARLOTTE, NC — From college campuses to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolinians remain divisive on House Bill 2.

Students on Appalachian State University’s campus blocked King St. chanting in protest of the new law. They filled the administration building to demand the university publicly oppose HB 2.

At UNC Charlotte, students chanted, “We’ve had enough!”

The university released a seven page letter explaining how it will abide by HB 2 by keeping transgender students and faculty in teh bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates.

“As a leader of the University, stand up and actually say this is going to hurt my students and my workers,” said graduate student, Noe Pliego Campos.

Hours later, supporters of the new law lit candles and prayed in Uptown Charlotte. They prayed for the more than 100 businesses threatening to leave the city because the companies say the law is discriminatory.

“It’s unfortunate to see the protests that have been happening,” said Kelly Fiedorek, legal council for Alliance Defending Freedom. “To see people siding with supporting allowing men to enter in to shower and undress with young girls.”

Alliance Defending Freedom argues the majority of North Carolinians want HB 2. They say the ordinance the city changed allowed predators can dress as women and enter restrooms otherwise.

Appalachian State administrators have not commented on whether it will denounce HB 2.