Groups Mobilize to Repeal HB2

The controversial law is now an international issue

CHARLOTTE, NC — Groups are mobilizing to repeal House Bill Two during the General Assembly short session that begins Monday.

“How much more of this can this state take?” said Rep. Kelly Alexander.

The controversial law is now an international issue as President Obama pressured for change in the law Friday. States, even England, warn against travel to North Carolina.

“The laws that have been passed there are wrong And should be overturned, and they’re in response to politics in part,” said President Obama.

Speaker of the House Tim Moore responded writing, “One thing is abundantly clear – President Obama doesn’t have the best track record on matters of safety and security relating to foreign policy, now it seems like he’s challenged on some basic safety issues here in the United States, too.”

Moore says the law stops transgender people from choosing which bathroom they use to protect people from sexual predators.

“I just disagree with them, when it comes to respecting the equal rights of all people,” said President Obama.

PayPal decided not to bring 400 jobs to Charlotte because of HB2.

More than 100 groups have cancelled events here.

Some small businesses are demanding repeal, worried about financial repercussions.

James Funderburk is putting construction projects on hold until lawmakers make a decision.

“We are really scared about making that kind of investment watching people who are fleeing the state,” said Funderburk.