Owner Of Reinvented Charlotte Tells Customers Store Is Bankrupt, Permanently Closed

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On Wednesday, customers told WCCB that the owner of Reinvented Charlotte announced via Facebook that the company is bankrupt and has permanently closed.

However, the owner says the items purchased by the customers will be available on Saturday, July 14th from 10am to 1pm.

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CHARLOTTE, NC — Outrage from customers who say a South End business owner stole their money and skipped town.

They say they paid for furniture at Reinvented Charlotte and never received it.

The store was locked up Tuesday, seemingly deserted since the end of June.

“It appears they’ve completely left town and taken all the furniture with them,” said Carl Bower.

Bower bought a dresser and wardrobe for $1,200 in June. He says he never got to pick up the dresser.

“Absolutely it’s a big factor,” said Bower. “That’s a month’s rent payment. I mean, that’s a big deal.”

One woman filed a civil suit.

Some employees tell me they haven’t been paid since May.

None of them can find the owner, Michael Lankford.

“They just disappeared overnight,” said Bower.

A sign on the door says closed for inventory until July second.

The place is mostly empty, except for a couple of pieces of furniture and some mail.

WCCB Charlotte spoke to a business owner next door.

“There used to be a lot of vehicles parked there, but I haven’t seen as much traffic in the last month or so,” said Al Forbed.

WCCB Charlotte left the owner, Michael Lankford, a voicemail.

No response as of publication time on Tuesday.

Angry customers created a Facebook page and say they are filing complaints with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office.

“Either refund us or give us our furniture that we already bought,” said Bower.

WCCB Charlotte did speak to the owner of this building. He says Reinvented Charlotte still has a lease here. He wouldn’t say if he’s heard from them or if they’ve continued to pay rent.

The Better Business Bureau says if you paid with a credit card, you can make a claim with the credit card company and could get your money back that way.

It says you need to file a complaint with the BBB on its website.

That way it can search Lankford’s name to see if he is connected to other businesses and track him down that way.

The BBB says it is checking to see if he filed for bankruptcy.

If so, customers would have to go through the court system to try to get refunded.