Host Committee for 2020 RNC in Charlotte Working to Raise $70 Million

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re hearing from leadership of the committee that will host the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte. They’ll be responsible for raising money and making sure everything goes off smoothly.

Monday leadership said they’re confident they’ll meet their ambitious $70 million fundraising goal.

“We’re now assembling our finance team, so we’re bringing in some resources from the state and around the country,” explains Host Committee CEO John Lassiter.

The $70 million goal is nearly double the $37 million goal Democrats in Charlotte struggled to meet in 2012.

“Republicans usually have an easier time raising money for their conventions than Democrats because they raise more money from corporations,” explains UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig.

Heberlig says the biggest challenge could be corporations afraid of being associated with President Trump.

“They don’t want to risk a social media backlash or consumer boycott, so they’re going to lie low and not participate,” Heberlig says.

Host committee leadership says Charlotte has more to offer than in did in 2012, including having nearly 3,000 more hotel rooms in Center City.

“We’ve been able to shrink the radius, and increase the number of hotel rooms that are going to be in the primary center of things,” says Host Committee COO Towers Mingledorff.

The committee is also working to make sure local businesses benefit.

But Heberlig says the economic boost during the convention may not be that big.

“Most of the delegates will be eating at big parties that are catered, so downtown restaurants won’t make a lot of money. If you’re in the security zone, you probably won’t be open at all,” Heberlig says.

Heberlig says taxi and bus drivers would probably see the biggest boost during the convention.

Long term, if the convention is a success it would help to promote the city.

That could lead to securing other conventions or being able to convince companies to relocate to Charlotte.