Speeders Beware! CMPD to Increase Traffic Enforcement Along Major Roads

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you drive with a lead foot, time to watch out. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are stepping up traffic enforcement.

It comes after an increase in deadly crashes along several major roads in our area.

“On one sense, we all want to get home from work, so we want to drive fast. On another sense, we don’t want to go so fast that it’s dangerous,” says Southeast Charlotte resident Aaron Kollar.

Nine people have died on Charlotte roads so far this year, compared to only five at this point last year.

Deputy Chief Jeff Estes says while he knows people hate speeding tickets, the department is trying to save lives.

“We know what it feels like to be out among the broken glass, the twisted metal and see people’s lives literally shattered across the roadway,” Estes explains.

CMPD hopes to conduct two targeted operations each week.

So far in 2019, the department has issued 1,400 more speeding tickets than this time last year.

“Just out of control people, just speeding in and out of lanes,” says East Charlotte resident Kelly Gibbs.

She supports increased patrols.

“If you’re going to take that risk, then that’s a risk that you have to be willing to take,” Gibbs says.

Key enforcement locations include Albemarle Road, Billy Graham Parkway, Mallard Creek Road, Mount Holly-Huntersville Road, Rea Road, and Sardis Road North.

And while getting a ticket is no fun…

“Definitely unexpected for people, I guess, and stressful,” says Matthews resident Clair Rodahaver.

She says.. don’t expect her to get pulled over.

“I’m kind of a rule follower,” she laughs, “I definitely don’t speed.”