Jury Could Get Case Wednesday In Rayquan Borum Murder Trial

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The fate of a man accused of killing an Uptown protester could be in the jury’s hands Wednesday.

Lawyers will start with closing arguments first thing Wednesday morning in the Rayquan Borum trial.

Attorneys for Borum say he won’t testify and they won’t call any witnesses.

Jurors will decide between first degree murder, second degree murder, or not guilty in the murder of protester Justin Carr.

First degree murder would mean a life sentence while second degree murder would mean 12 years to life.

Defense attorneys argued, unsuccessfully, to add options for voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.

They say if Borum had fired a gun, his action would have been reckless but provoked by police.

“The crowd was calm until CMPD came barging through in riot gear, that in and of itself is the adequate provocation,” defense attorney Darlene Harris told the judge.

“They attempted to retreat and only when rioters, including this defendant, tried to start smashing in the windows to get at the police officer, did the officers respond by protecting both themselves and property there,” said Asst. District Attorney Glenn Cole.

Over the course of the trial, prosecutors called 18 witnesses over several days.

They showed video from the scene and a lengthy confession tape they say proves Borum’s guilt.

The defense argues police coerced Borum to confess and say something else could have killed Carr.

Because the defense didn’t present any evidence or call any witnesses, that means they will get the final word to the jury in Wednesday’s closing arguments.