Suspect Charged After Shooting Sunday At The Concord Mills AMC Movie Theater

CONCORD, N.C. – An argument over seating led to a shooting at the AMC movie theater at Concord Mills around 6:00 Sunday night.

Deputies in Lancaster County have arrested 18-year-old Bryant Gregory Eaves, Jr., of Indian Land, SC, in connection to the shooting of William Weldon, of Charlotte. Deputies say Eaves was arrested Monday around 6pm at his home on Keswick Terrace.

“It looked like a movie. Literally, like people just escaping, running, and literally just running for their lives,” says Jameel Bryant, who was in the mall when it happened.

He described panic as people ran away from the theater.

Video posted on Facebook shows Weldon lying on the ground, being put onto a stretcher. Police say the suspect and victim did not know each other.

Bryant says he was in the food court when he first saw people running.

“We kinda didn’t pay it (any) attention, the next thing you know, we saw more chaos going on, and so we kinda walked down a little bit to try and find out what was going on. And when we got there, come to find out a man got shot in the leg. And so at that time everybody started running,” Bryant explains.

Jonathan Winchell had already bought his ticket and was getting ready to go inside.

“A guy walked by and said, ‘There was someone that got shot in the movie theater,’ and I said, ‘I hope that’s not true,'” he explains.

He says he saw a ticket stub for the movie, “Us” on the ground, surrounded by blood.

“I saw tape, police tape, and then I got up and there was still a literal trail of blood on the ground,” Winchell says.

The mall closed after the shooting, leading to traffic chaos as police blocked the entrance and directed all traffic away from the mall.

Eaves is charged with one count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury with Intent to Kill. Concord Police say he is currently being held in the Lancaster County Detention Center awaiting extradition.

Officials with the LCSO say he is expected to waive extradition.