South Charlotte Home Targeted By Swatters Four Times

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s a dangerous prank, prompting police to send the SWAT team to homes. We’re learning about new cases of swatting, this time in South Charlotte.

Neighbors along Jersey Lane say they’re not surprised anymore after cops showed up again outside a home on Tuesday night.

A man who lives at the home didn’t want to go on camera but tells WCCB Charlotte it was the fourth time this year his family has been targeted by swatters.

“Pretty much had like had 10 squad cars come right here, in front of the house, blocking off both sides of the road,” says neighbor Speros Lolos.

The victim’s 15-year-old daughter plays the video game Counter-Strike. They think they’re being targeted after she blocked someone she was playing online.

During one of the swatting incidents two weeks ago, the man says police forced him to come out with his hands up, put him in handcuffs, and searched the home.

“We saw that. And then the officers released him and he went back in,” Lolos says.

A Stanly County man was on Youtube Live when he became a swatting victim on Monday night.

“I said my kids are gonna watch me die, you know, right here by the police,” explains Locust resident Ernest Morton.

Someone called 911 pretending to be Morton saying he killed his wife and was about to kill his children.

“I had two come this way, one with a service weapon, and a flashlight and another with a shotgun,” Morton says.

He says he had to get on the ground, with guns pointed on his face. His wife and children were terrified.

“I can’t ever remember being that scared in my life,” Morton says.