Should Physical Contact Be Banned In The Workplace?

Something as simple as a handshake may one day be big a no-no at your job and it looks like most workers wouldn’t mind a bit.

A new survey from Totaljobs found that 3 out of 4 people want physical contact banned from their workplace.
Many workers say they are confused by what kind of touching is and isn’t appropriate.
Two-thirds of the workers who took the survey say they want their boss to give them clear guidelines about what type of interaction is acceptable.

The research revealed that 1 in 3 workers get an awkward greeting at work at least once a month.
A quarter said they have been trapped in an unwanted hug.
1 in 8 claim to have had an accidental kiss on the mouth, thanks to poorly-timed cheek kiss.

Now human resource experts say some companies might make it against the rules to physically touch your co-workers altogether, as to avoid costly sexual harassment lawsuits.