Is It Ok To Bribe Your Spouse?

Most moms know it’s hard enough to get your kids to do their chores.
Now, one wife is turning to bribes to get her husband to pitch in around the home.
A picture of her chore chart is going viral after someone posted it to the website Reddit this week.

The chart lists a series of household tasks.
If dad washes the dishes six times, he is rewarded with a 12-pack of beer.
If he puts the toilet seat down, he gets a week free of nagging.
The rewards even include a strip-tease or sexual favors for certain chores.

The chart sparked a heated debate on Twitter.
One person wrote, ‘Not a psychologist, but I don’t think this is a healthy marriage.’
Another person wrote, ‘If this is the only way to get your partner to help in raising your children, you need a different partner.’

Not surprisingly, some men weighed in and weren’t bothered by the chart.
One guy wrote, ‘Maybe its just because I’m a male and lazy, but this seems like a really good idea.’