“We’re okay, both houses gone” | Salisbury Native Loses Everything In Hurricane Dorian

SALISBURY, NC. — A Salisbury native, living near Freeport in the Bahamas, is on her way back to North Carolina with her children. Their home is destroyed after Hurricane Dorian left destruction in its path.

Salisbury native Ashley Knowles has called the Bahamas home for the past few years. With her husband and her three children: five-year-old Caden, three-year-old Salem and one-month-old Addley.

Ashley’s father, Scott Maddox, got a call from his daughter on Saturday saying the roof of her home was blowing off.

“She said, ‘I’ll call you back in a minute.’ Well, she never called back,” says Maddox.

As hours passed, Scott and his wife grew more anxious.

“As time went on and we didn’t hear from anybody, we didn’t sleep Saturday night. Sunday morning we were just pacing the floor.”

Finally, they got a text saying, “We’re okay, both houses gone.”

“As far as I know, nothing. It’s just gone. I mean, pieces of wood and stuff scattered.”

Maddox says his daughter and her children spent 24 hours riding out the storm in a resort’s pool pump building made out of concrete.

“I feel like she was probably pretty strong, she had to be for those kids. I’m proud of her. Without even knowing what she did, I’m proud of her.”

Scott and his wife have been running around town gathering clothes and other items for their daughter and the kids. Like iPads.

“My five year old said, hey I want my iPad. My little three year old granddaughter said I want one too. He looked at them and said there is no iPad. It’s gone.”

After days of no sleep, Maddox is finally getting some relief.

“I think that’s when the emotion will hit me. Is when I actually can hold them.”

Ashley’s husband, Aaron, is still in the Bahamas. He’s expected to fly to North Carolina in the next couple of days.