Alex Rodriguez Says His Exes Will Be Invited To See Him Marry Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez haven’t announced a wedding date yet, but when it comes to the guest list, he says he’s open to their exes being there.

The former New York Yankee was a guest on Good Morning America’s third hour Tuesday and told the hosts that Jennifer is doing most of the wedding planning.
Yet, when one host asked if the couple plans to invite any of their former flames, Rodriguez said, “I would say exes invited to the wedding. Yeah, all-inclusive, bring everybody. The more the merrier.”

Both Rodriguez and Lopez have been married before.
Rodriguez and ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis split up in 2008 after 6-years and they share a daughter.
He dated Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson after the divorce.
Lopez has three ex-husbands, but her 7-year marriage to singer Marc Anthony was the longest and they share a son and daughter.
So it’s not unreasonable for either ex to be included on the big day.