Mother Calls For Extra Training Of Staff At One Charlotte-Mecklenburg School, Claims Son Was Attacked

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A mother wants to shine the spotlight on what she calls, big problems with training at one Charlotte-Mecklenburg School.  The mother says a staff member assaulted her son at Charlotte Mecklenburg Academy after her son kicked him.

9-year-old Shawn Johnson, Jr., attended Charlotte Mecklenburg Academy, an alternative school for children with behavioral issues.  His mother says she warned school leaders last week that her child is taking new medication and should be monitored closely.  But, she says, that didn’t happen.  The mother says when Shawn tried to leave the room, a staff member attempted to stop him.

“Little Shawn did kick him on the leg, and he did punch him on his leg,” says Shar’lootee Jones, the boy’s grandmother.  Jones says the staff member then took action that she believed was unprofessional.

“He shoved him, and when he shoved him, Shawn fell over the chair onto the floor,” says Jones.

CMS Police were called in to investigate.  The family says the school resource officer explained to them no assault occurred.

A CMS Spokesperson released this statement:

“After an initial review of the video tape accusations are unfounded.  Anytime a parent has a concern it is checked into thoroughly,” says Renee McCoy, Executive Director of Communications for CMS.

Shawn’s mother, Tashe’ Jones says social services is now involved in the incident.  She says her child will not return to CMS Schools.  He will now be home schooled.