Why Do Young Adults, Teens Refuse To Heed Pandemic Warnings?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. A new op-ed in USA Today is trying to better explain why young people are not heeding the calls to physically distance during the pandemic. Remember in March when video of teens insisting on taking their spring breaks at the beach in Florida made everyone angry? And then the Chicago house party in April, where up to 1,000 young people showed up?

Basically, the author of the op-ed writes that all that defiance and refusal to follow the rules is because young people’s brains are different. The thrill-seeking, impulse control part of the brain is not yet fully developed until the mid-20s. The writer suggests the best ways to get teen or young adult “buy-in” is by delivering the message with celebrities that teens and young adults admire, by making young people feel respected, and by using social media.

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