Edge On The Clock: Did Sacha Baron Cohen Strike Again?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  A far right-wing group got pranked at a rally in Olympia, Washington Saturday, and they believe Sacha Baron Cohen is behind it. But its unclear if the comedian is to blame or not, as the prankster was heavily made-up.  Video that was streamed live shows a singer trying to lead a crowd in a racist and hateful sing along. The lyrics referenced President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci and referred to the coronavirus as ‘the Wuhan flu’.  Baron Cohen’s publicist has not confirmed his involvement.

Plus, scientists have developed a glove that translates sign language into speech in real time. The goal would be to let deaf people communicate with anyone, without needing a translator.

And, NASA wants to stop the spread of coronavirus. The space agency has created a wearable monitor called Pulse, but there’s a catch.