5 People Arrested After Clashes Between Jail Support And Sheriff’s Deputies

CHARLOTTE, NC – Several people from Jail Support were arrested on Friday after clashes with deputies outside of the Mecklenburg County Justice Center. 

“We just had to take appropriate action today to make sure our city and our properties are safe,” said Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden. 

The group moved from their camp to the streets where traffic was blocked.

“We’ve got to be smarter,” said a passing truck driver stuck in the demonstrations, “I understand. I’m with them. But there is a better way.”

“This is something that we’ve been ongoing struggling with,” said McFadden.

He says deputies continue to be threatened and visitors to the jail are being harassed. 

“Women and children coming in crying, distraught, and saying aren’t’ you all going to do something about it,” explained McFadden. 

He says today’s incident is yet another clash in recent months. Forty three people were arrested in June when jail support was told to leave. There was another clash in July when deputies intervened in a fight. 

“This incident showed that we are not helping our citizens in this county,” said McFadden.

While McFadden says he supports the concept of jail support, organizers and people participating in the rally disagree. 

“We don’t want to work with you. We want to destroy you. We want you gone,” said one speaker at the rally named Tay.. 

She preached about abolishing the police and said jail support is essential. 

“We are providing all types of services to people that are being locked up in these cages,” said Tay.

Others say jail support fills a gap that the city and county haven’t filled. 

“Jail support allows people to exit with dignity and community while the sheriff provides neither,” said another speaker. 

Sheriff McFadden called on city and county leaders to also step up and provide funding and policy around homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse.