Wilson’s World Homeschool: Online Music Lessons and the Junior Jammers from Bold Music

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson is joined by  George Ramsay from Bold Music and talks about their new on-line pre-school music program that any pre-schooler anywhere can participate in and enjoy.  Bold Music teacher Catherine Sentigar along with Isaac and Declan, two of the pre-school students who are part of the the school’s Junior Jammers, joined Wilson to show us a little of what they have learned in their online classes.  The classes are very affordable and are held twice a week teaching the young students the fundamentals of music, getting them started early to appreciate music.

Bold Music offers lessons in the student’s home, but during the pandemic they have switched to online learning.  To learn more about Bold Music and their programs connect with them on their website boldmusiclessons.com.

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