PSL Problem: Panthers Fan Says Team Wants Him To Spend More Money To Attend Fewer Games



CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Trouble in Panthers paradise? A PSL (permanent seat license) owner tells us he’s selling his license, after the Panthers offered him better seats, but higher prices and fewer games. Keith Skinner tells WCCB his relationship with the Carolina Panthers organization has soured. Skinner says it was only after he and his crew opted in for the games, that they learned how ticketing would work. Skinner’s current 4 PSL’s are in the 500 section and cost about $2,500 for 10 games. But, right now, only the lower bowl would open initially, which is a more expensive area of the stadium.

Skinner says, “It would have been three games for a grand total of $1,700, almost $1,800.” He continues, “If you want to go, you’re being forced to go where they want you to go and paying for it.” And, “I will support the team, yes. I will watch the games. I won’t go.”

Skinner says he feels mistreated, and after 16 years of enjoying games from the stands, that it may be time to be a spectator from the couch. A Panthers spokesperson tells WCCB they encourage PSL owners to call the ticket office because they would love to help.

This episode’s panel features:
WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty
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