Edge On The Clock: Avatar’s Long-Awaited Sequel, Dog Crashes Owner’s Car,

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The sequel to one of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time in is now in theaters. “Avatar: The Way Of Water” premieres Friday.

The film is 13years in the making.  2009’s “Avatar” took home three Oscars and became the world’s highest-grossing film.


Dog Crashes Car:

A border collie is in the dog house after it crashed its owner’s jeep into two cars. It happened in Wales.

The dog apparently jumped into the driver’s seat, knocked the gear shift into neutral, and ‘drove’ the car down the driveway.

The owner tried to stop the jeep but to no avail. Tthe dog crashed the car into two other vehicles.

The whole thing was caught on a security camera from a neighbor’s house, who said he wasn’t mad at all that his car was damaged.


National Guard Uses Helicopter To Deliver Christmas Gifts:

The New Hampshire National Guard is helping deliver gifts to children in need this holiday season.

State employees have been collecting presents all year as part of Operation Santa Claus.  This is the 62nd year.

Instead of a sleigh to deliver gifts, the state National Guard used a helicopter to deliver 3,200 presents and more than a thousand gift cards to a distribution site in Northern New Hampshire.

Some gifts will also be delivered by truck. Families will be able to pick up the gifts from distribution sites across the state.