Kentucky Governor Talks About Close Friends Lost in Louisville Shooting; Does It Have To Hit Home For Politicians To Act?

From Nashville, Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky to Newport News, Virginia. We are sick and tired of shootings but we can’t ignore them.

Words feel worthless but we’ve got a lot to get out. Iif it feels like we talk about mass shootings every day it’s because we do and it doesn’t get any easier.

On Monday, a 25-year-old bank employee in Louisville killed 5 people, injured 8 more and live streamed it all. Police killed him on site.

An officer who was only on the job for 10 days got shot in the head and is in critical but stable condition.

“This is awful. I have a very close friend that didn’t make it today and I have another close friend who didn’t either,” said Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

Back in January, a Virginia teacher was shot by her 6-year-old student. The boy wasn’t charged, but now now his mom is facing charges.

Deja Taylor, is facing charges of felony child neglect, and recklessly leaving a firearm to endanger a child.

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