Up ‘n Adam: The Big Bounce America

CONCORD, N.C. — Adam Wurtzel took our cameras to The Big Bounce America, the World’s Biggest Bounce House, on tour across the country on their stop in Concord.

First, we stepped inside the main attraction, the 16,000 square foot Bounce House, to give viewers a tour of what the experience is like.

The Big Bounce America is a lot more than just one huge Bounce House.  Throughout the morning, we explored airSPACE, an alien-themed area with ball pits and Sport Slam, a bouncing area where you can attempt to knock your friends off pedestals using giant soft sticks (think “American Gladiators,”).

Another highlight of the morning, was attempt to beat “The Giant,” a 900 foot obstacle course with 50 obstacles!  Adam raced his friend and country artist, Mary English through the obstacles, giving viewers a POV of what things look like inside.

The Big Bounce America is in Concord through Sunday 5/14.  Click HERE for more info on how you can check it out for yourself.