911 Calls Reveal Panic After Northlake Mall Shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CMPD released the 911 calls revealing the panic and terror after the Northlake Mall shooting Christmas Eve.

Police shot and killed 18-year-old Daquan Westbrook after they say he opened fire in the crowded mall.

Officer Thomas Ferguson is back on active duty.

The 911 calls give the firsthand account of how terrifying it was in the mall when the gunshots went off.

You can also you hear police radio traffic referring to one more suspect possibly still on the loose.

One 911 caller tells the dispatcher she and a group of people were hiding after the gunfire. “Yes, yes. There’s about 10 of us stuck in the back here. There’s shots going off continuously,” she said.

Parents whose children were alone and trapped cried.

One caller says, “My daughters who are 13 and 18 just called me from Northlake Mall, and they said there’s a shooting there. They’re hiding in a bathroom.”

“My daughter is in the dressing room,” said another caller. “Is there more than one shooter in more than one store? Can you please tell me?”

Inside, shoppers recorded alarms going off.

“Dude just started shooting,” said one witness.

Outside, mothers like Natalia Marcano lost track of their children in the chaos.

“Eight-year-old twin girls. My precious little heartbeats,” said Marcano. “They’re my whole world.”

We led her to police, who had her children safely.

Besides releasing the calls Thusday, CMPD won’t reveal more about the investigation.

On Christmas Eve, Chief Kerr Putney said an ongoing fued between two groups erupted.

Off-duty CMPD Officer Thomas Ferguson was working security and heard gunfire. He says he ran toward it, Westbrook pointed a gun at him, and he shot the teen.

Since investigators found no criminal wrongdoing, he’s back on active duty

Radio traffic we obtained mentions a second suspect.

“One of the suspects who fled the scene may have been shot,” said one officer in the recording. “We got a blood trail leading away from the scene.

WCCB Charlotte asked if detectives are still searching for another possible suspect. They say that’s still under investigation.

So is the number of shots fired.