Update: Lake Wylie Drowning Victim Identified

Family devastated by father's death

LAKE WYLIE, SC — North Carolina Wildlife officials have identified the man who drowned Wednesday afternoon after jumping in the water to swim.

He was 30-year-old Conroy Oliver of Charlotte.

His mother spoke to WCCB Charlotte after investigators informed her that divers pulled her son’s body from the bottom of the lake. “This is the last thing that I thought would ever happen,” said Mary Oliver. “I had no idea. It’s the furthest things from my thoughts.”

She says her son was a father of three and a good swimmer.

The medical examiner is now conducting an autopsy to find out what could have caused him to drown.

Investigators think the water was 20 feet deep in that area where he went under.They say Oliver did not have on a life jacket.

Wildlife officials say witnesses described the tragic moments before he slipped under water.

“They tried to throw him a life jacket and then tried to throw him a line as well,” said Officer Brandon Barbee with NC Wildlife Resources Commission. “None of which he could reach. We believe he was probably in a little bit of a panic at that point. Then, they jumped off the boat and tried to assist him, were unable to recover him.”

Fire rescue crews located Oliver’s body Wednesday night with sonar but couldn’t couldn’t dive for him because it was too dark. They recovered his body Thursday before noon.

“I don’t understand what happened,” said Mary Oliver.

It was the third drowning on local lakes in four days, causing wildlife officials to warn about basic water safety.

“You go swimming all the time so you don’t think about a life jacket,” said one boater, John Crain. “But you should, but, obviously, you don’t.”

A family’s tragedy that they hope others learn from.

“We are just going to try to get through this,” said Mary Oliver.