Do More Guns Mean More Security?

Stadiums across the country have increased security following the Paris terror attacks. Now, a police union wants more guns at games to help keep football fans safe.

Our local Fraternal Order of Police decided to ask the NFL to allow off duty and retired officers to carry guns inside Bank of America Stadium. The reason? Armed cops are the best bet for stopping a terrorist attack inside a stadium.

We spoke with North Carolina FOP President Randy Hagler about the proposal.

“I think everyone would be safer, provided the officers that are carrying their weapon are following all the rules that we always have to follow when we’re armed,” said Hagler.

Still, the NFL is not sold on the proposal. In a letter defending the ban: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “If permitted to carry concealed weapons, they create deconfliction issues for working law enforcement officers and increase the potential for ‘blue-on-blue’ response confrontations.”

So what do you think? Should off-duty cops carry guns in stadiums?


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