Edge on Demand: MVPs and Concussions

Resilience. That’s the word being used to describe the Carolina Panthers following Sunday’s win against the Saints. The Cats clinched the NFC South with a 41 to 38 victory, taking home their 12th win of the season.

With 331 yards, 5 touchdown passes and 1 interception, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton contributed, yet again, to his growing MVP campaign.

“He was able to win a shootout and to take a drive in the fourth quarter, giving us a chance to win,” said head coach Ron Rivera. “So, again, it just goes back to his whole development as a quarterback in this league. And I’m really proud of what he did and the confidence in which he played with.”

So what do you think? Who’s the MVP in the NFL so far? If not Cam Newton, then who?


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