Bloop! There It Is!

Mistakes, mishaps and some magnificent moments. It’s this week’s Bloop! There It Is.

CMPD: Car Thefts On The Rise

Officials are breaking down the numbers and looking deeper into the details of car thefts right here in Charlotte. WCCB Charlotte's Emma Mondo has the story. 

Fitness Friday with Team MLP

Team MLP's Jay Johnson joins Derek and Lauren to work on posture correcting moves that will help with overall mobility and daily minor pain! 

Do My Job: Landscaping

Time to grab the hedge trimmer and pick up the new much! Lauren McDonald is joining MetroGreenscape to learn what it takes to be a Landscaper!

Queen's Feast: Golden Owl Tavern

Golden Owl Tavern Master Mixologist Sam Rouson joins the Rising crew to prepare their Winter Old Fashioned and Winter Spritz, drinks on their menu for Queen's Feast!

Queen's Feast: Red Salt

Chef Jeffry Russell from the restaurant Red Salt by David Burke joins the Rising crew to celebrate Queen's Feast by preparing their miso marinated salmon with shrimp fried rice from our restaurant week menu.

Do My Job: Bartender

Rising’s Lauren McDonald is heading to Uptown for the latest edition of Do My Job, where she is with Merchant & Trade learning what it takes to be a bartender. Have any job ideas for Lauren? Message us on social media!

Victory Lane Karting

The Rising crew heads out to Victory Lane Karting to get hype for the Bank of America Roval 400!

Do My Job: Becoming A Librarian

Rising’s Lauren McDonald is heading to The South County Regional Library for the latest edition of Do My Job, where she is learning how to be a librarian. Have any job ideas for Lauren? Message us on social media!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to you at home and to those we're missing but are with us in spirit as we celebrate.

Wilson's World: YWCA Central Carolinas

Whether you’re starting your fitness journey, getting back into a routine or want extra support in your goals, the YWCA Central Carolinas has a space for you!

8PM: Walker – Series Premiere Encore

Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home after being undercover, only to discover there's harder work to be done, tonight at 8 PM on WCCB Charlotte's CW.