Friday Dance Party with DJ Krazy T

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From Outkast, to MC Hammer, and Rihanna...DJ Krazy T brought the best mix of music and fun to this week's Friday dance party.

Mrs. USA Earth Shelby Dixon

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Beauties for a Cause! Shelby Dixon, the reigning Mrs. USA Earth 2019, stopped by Rising to talk about what the Miss Earth Organization is all about, and to share her…

38th Annual Morganton Festival

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Morganton Festival is back this weekend, September 6 & 7. The festival features free music all day plus national country acts, Kid Zone fun with rides and games, and food…

FriYAY Dance Party!

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Happy Friday from Rising! We're celebrating by dancing into the weekend with our favorite DJ, DJ Krazy T.

Trial Date Set For Casey Parsons

The adoptive mother of Salisbury teen Erica Parsons will go to trial in 2020.  The date was set during a hearing Thursday morning.  

Black History Month: Historic Neighborhoods

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Charlotte has a number of historic black neighborhoods. Not all of them are notable for what happened there or who once lived there. Many are historic because…

Riverdale Rewind Returns: CH 36 "Labor Day"

Did we all survive the Riverdale hiatus?  Ok, good.  Just Jess and Nomi are back in action with the Riverdale Rewind podcast breaking down the season 3 premiere.  A lot of weird stuff happened at the end of the episode... we're still processing it.  But the only thing that REALLY matters - Bughead still goin strong.   Thank you, always, to our sponsor, Scott Clark. Sign and Drive today at any Scott Clark Dealership -- Scott Clark Toyota, Scott Clark Honda and Scott Clark Nissan.


Boy Announces Big Brother Status on Same Day He's Adopted

Life Sentence "Our Father The Hero"

With Aiden facing a growing problem, he keeps the faith that Peter will keep him out of trouble on a new Life Sentence, tonight at 9pm on WCCB Charlotte's CW.

The Flash "True Colors"

After hearing that Amunet has struck a deal to buy all of the metahumans in Iron Heights, Barry must decide if he should expose his powers in order to save his cellmates on The Flash, new tonight at 8pm on WCCB, Charlotte's CW.

Riverdale Rewind Chapter 25: The Wicked And The Divine

Nomi has a great new theory on the Black Hood! And... where's Cheryl? We're breaking down all the mobster madness and the bittersweet symphony that is Riverdale CH 25 "The Wicked and the Divine" on an all new #Riverdale Rewind Podcast!

Mary C. Curtis: 2018 Politics Preview

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Will 2018 beat 2017 when it comes to political surprises? WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis takes a look at what's in store in Charlotte and beyond.

Mary Curtis: Tax Bill And Budget

A meeting to pass a budget and avoid a government shutdown hit a snag when a presidential tweet caused top Democratic leaders to be no-shows for a White House meeting.

Mary C: How Mueller's Probe Affects GOP Agenda

While President Trump is preparing for a major Asia trip, plans to name a new Federal Reserve chair and tries to get a tax reform bill passed, along with Republican lawmakers, news coming out of Washington has derailed that plan.

Men's Health: 5 Foods To Fend Off Cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Derek James talked to Men’s Health Editor, Paul Kita about the top 5 foods to fend off cancer.   Watch Derek’s Full Interview With Paul Kita below.…