8PM: Walker – Series Premiere Encore

Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home after being undercover, only to discover there's harder work to be done, tonight at 8 PM on WCCB Charlotte's CW.

Pikes Nurseries: Christmas Tree Deliveries

Pike Nurseries is making Christmas decorating simple and safe this year with curbside pickup and home delivery on fresh-cut Christmas trees, poinsettias, seasonal wreaths and greenery. Find out how to order!

NASA Launches Mars Rover to Look For Signs of Ancient Life

The biggest, most sophisticated Mars rover ever built is on its way to the red planet. NASA's Perseverance blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, atop an Atlas V rocket Thursday morning. Once it arrives to the red planet, the rover will study the geology and climate of the planet to help find signs of ancient microbial life.

Doc Swiner: Covid19 & The Importance of Antibody Testing

Family physician, Dr. Nicole Swiner talks about the importance of antibody testing, getting tested for coronavirus even if you don't have symptoms, what needs to be done to move past the pandemic, and when we could possibly see a vaccine.

Virtual Friday Dance Party

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Rising's Friday dance party returns with a twist... a virtual dance party featuring videos sent in by our viewers.

Protecting Your Finances During Crisis

CHARLOTTE, NC -- The economic fallout from the coronavirus is widespread and most everyone is feeling some sort of financial impact but that is different depending on your situation. However, there…

Prom Project 2020

The 18th annual Prom Project offers free formal attire, social etiquette lessons, dating safety, and other resources to make the milestone memorable.

"That's Not The Only Thing Dropping Tonight"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One million people from around the world will gather today to watch the crystal ball drop in New York city. But that's not the only thing dropping tonight! Here's…