Wilson's World

It's Cheese Balls and Pop-Up Theater for Wilson in South End

The Charlotte Art League brings pop-up theater to South End and Wilson was there to find out what it is all about. Read More »

Learning the Science of Recycling with Wilson, Discovery Place and QC Metal Recycling

Kids from Discovery Place join Wilson at Queen City Metal Recycling & Salvage to learn why recycling is important. Read More »

Wilson Concludes Water Safety Week at the Simmons YMCA

Wilson wraps up his Water Safety Week tour at the Simmons YMCA in east Charlotte. Read More »

Wilson's Water Safety Week: Day 4 at Simmons YMCA

The lifeguards at Simmons YMCA joined Wilson to demonstrate water rescue and CPR skills on day 4 of his Water Safety Week. Read More »

Wilson's Water Safety Week: Day 3 at Vista Villa Apartments

Day 3 of Wilson's Water Safety Week finds him visiting the kids and instructors at the pool at Vista Villa Apartments. Read More »

Wilson's Water Safety Week: Day 2 at Sailboat Bay Apartments

Wilson continues Water Safety Week with the help of the YMCA. Today he is as Sailboat Bay Apartments. Read More »

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