Are Today’s College Kids Too Sensitive?

“This Is not a Day Care. It’s a University.” That’s the title a new blog written by the president of a university in Oklahoma. In an open letter, Dr. Everett Piper describes a student who felt victimized by a sermon involving a Bible verse that made him feel bad for not showing enough love. Piper went on to write, “Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic.”

“This is not a safe space, it’s a place to learn and sometimes learning is uncomfortable,” said Piper. “Sometimes learning involves being confronted when you’re wrong and challenged to think higher and better ideas rather than accepting those self-centered ideas that lead you to narcissism.”

Piper says universities are focusing more on victimization, rather than virtue. So what do you think? Are today’s college kids too sensitive? The Edgitators weigh in…