Mass Shootings: How Do We Fix This?

It’s the deadliest mass shooting since Sandy Hook. 14 people killed, 21 others injured after a married couple opened fire at a social services center in San Bernardino, California Wednesday.

Police say it started when 28-year-old Syed Farook left a company holiday party at that social services center following an argument. He then returned with his wife, heavily armed. The couple was later killed in a shootout with officers.

12 pipe bombs and more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition were found at their home. Their tactical prep and precision has many wondering how long this plan had been in the works.

“Nobody just gets upset at a party, goes home and puts together that kind of elaborate scheme or plan,” said San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Berguan. “There was some planning that went into it.”

FBI investigators say Farook had been in touch with more than one terror suspect on the FBI’s radar. Farook was a U.S. citizen and did not have a criminal background. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, came to the U.S in 2014 on a Pakistani passport and a fiancee visa.

Meanwhile, the covers of two New York tabloids are getting attention for the way they covered the shooting. The Post printed the words “Muslim Killers” on their cover. The Daily News went with “God Isn’t Going to Fix This”, referencing Republican Presidential candidates and their offers of thoughts and prayers, rather than tangible action to stop this violence.

So, how do we fix this? The Edgitators weigh in…