The Get with Morgan Fogarty

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Jordan Gross

He was an anchor of the Panthers' offensive line. His entire pro career was played here in Charlotte. But these days, the retired football player is talked about because of how he looks.

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Steve Smith

#89 talks about the NFL and domestic violence, his work to help victims and why his jersey number means so much.

Bonus Web Exclusive: Luke Kuechly on The Get

Only on the web, Luke Kuechly talks with Morgan Fogarty about how he stays humble, what he thinks about his nickname campaign, and more...

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Luke Kuechly

He has taken the NFL by storm. Voted one of the defensive captains by his teammates after only two years in the league. And, his heartthrob status doesn't hurt, either.

Bonus Web Exclusive: Sheriff Chipp Bailey on The Get

Only on the web, Sheriff Chipp Bailey talks about his most memorable cases, Patrick Cannon, and more.

The Get: Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff Chipp Bailey

41 years in law enforcement and he says now is the time to call it a career. He's led the largest sheriff's office in the Carolinas and he led it during the department's most tenuous time.

Bonus Web Exclusive: UNC Chancellor Carol Folt on The Get

Only on the web, UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt talks to WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty about why non-student athletes were steered into the fake classes and more.

The Get: UNC Chancellor Carol Folt

The NCAA could announce sanctions against the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill any day now for its massive academic fraud scandal. The woman tasked with putting the university back on track talked with WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty about what's next.

Bonus Web Exclusive: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on The Get

Only on the web, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. opens up in our exclusive interview about what he would tell his 25-year-old self now, and whether or not he thinks his dad would have joined Twitter.

The Get: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

NASCAR's most popular driver says he is peaking professionally and perhaps personally. He talks about his dad, his girlfriend and whether he'd give up some popularity for some more wins.

Sandy Hook Parent Turns to Charlotte for Help

Michele Gay now advocates for safer schools and she's getting support from some major local leaders.

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Ryan Kalil

Players joke that the NFL stands for the "not for long league." Ryan Kalil has played his entire pro career for the Panthers. He talks in depth about growing up in a football family, why that newspaper ad wasn't meant for fans and more.

Bonus Footage from The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Ryan Kalil

Carolina Panther Ryan Kalil talks with Morgan Fogarty about life after football and why social media can be bad for professional athletes.

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Andrew Murray

The Mecklenburg District Attorney's office is responsible for putting away Char-Meck's most notorious criminals. It is not a job without danger.

Jeremy Mayfield Talks About Dog Attack

The Mayfields talked with WCCB's Morgan Fogarty in detail about claims by a postal worker that their dogs attacked her on the Mayfield's property.