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Edge on Demand: The Panthers, The Patriots, and What It All Means

Coach Ron Rivera believes the Panthers are on the doorstep of becoming what the Patriots are. He says this year, we're on the cusp... Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Pageant Mom Feeds Daughter Tapeworms

A pageant mom in Florida is accused of feeding her daughter tapeworms to slim her down for a competition... Read More »

Man on the Edge: What Does the Panthers, Patriots Game Mean for the Season?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, talked to fans to see what season predictions they could make off of tonight's game... Read More »

Edge on Demand: Ebola Cure Brings Renewed Hope

The first two known Ebola patients to be treated for the deadly virus on U.S. soil make a full recovery! So do you have renewed faith in future cures? Read More »

Rance Hangs Out with Comedian Jimmy Shubert!

Jimmy Shubert is live at the Comedy Zone this weekend! Rance caught up with the funnyman before the show to get a sneak peek at what's coming up... Read More »

Edge on the Clock: 300 People Pay It Forward at Starbucks

A chain reaction of kindness at a Starbucks in Florida! The manager says a woman in her mid-60s started the random act of kindness. Read More »

Man on the Edge: Do You Have Hope for Future Cures?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to see if the Ebola patients' clean bill of health renews hope in future medical breakthroughs... Read More »

Raleigh Family Gets Inspired for Back to School Thanks to Sir Mix-a-Lot

No back to school blues for a family in Raleigh thanks to Sir Mix-a-Lot. Read More »

Edge on Demand: Your Charity's Next Viral Campaign?

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for ALS research. So what viral campaign should your favorite charity start? Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Great Grandma's Steamy Romance Novel

You don't have many firsts left once you hit a certain age. But tell that to the 86-year-old woman in Utah... Read More »

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