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Edge on Demand: Sweet, Sweet Comfort Food

Comfort foods are those special dishes that we reserve for times when we need a little emotional boost in the form of something fattening. They're never good for you, but they reach you on an emotional level. Read More »

Carlos Mencia on the Edge!

Carlos Mencia is live at the Comedy Zone this weekend! Rance Adams caught up with him before the show to give us a sneak peek at what's coming up... Read More »

Edge on the Clock: John Lennon Tarantula

John Lennon joins the ranks of celebrities with a newly-discovered species named after him! Read More »

Man on the Edge: Eat One Thing for a Week?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to ask: what comfort food or restaurant could you eat for a solid week? Read More »

Edge on Demand: Shooter Invades Canadian Parliament

A firestorm of gunshots at the Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada, where all of that nation's top lawmakers convene. And we're learning more about the suspect, who recently converted to Islam. Read More »

Man on the Edge: Action Figures Marketed to Adults?

Toys R' Us pulled its controversial Breaking Bad dolls from the shelves this week, which made us wonder if there's anything "grown up" about having toys marketed to adults... Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Too Big to Arrest

When this guy tried to resist arrest, all he had to do was sit down... Read More »

Man on the Edge: Do Canada's Parliament Attacks Bring Radicalism Close to Home?

We sent our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, to ask if the Canadian attacks make you worried about attacks on U.S. soil... Read More »

Edge on Demand: One Day of Ebola-Free News?

You could get a break and have an entire day free from any Ebola news stories. But will that happen before gasoline drops another 10 cents? Read More »

Man on the Edge: Most 'Futuristic' Invention to Date?

If you could show something from today to people in the 80s, what would they think is most futuristic? Read More »

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