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Edge on Demand: The Most Awkward Costumes This Year

Slenderman: the creepy, child-snatching boogieman who was born out of Internet imagination, is once again in the headlines. But only because he might soon be knocking on your door... Read More »

Mary Lynn Rajskub in the Studio!

Seemed like Chloe was always at a computer on 24, helping Jack Bauer save the day. But in real life, Mary Lynn Rajskub is a hilarious comedienne, appearing at the Comedy Zone this weekend! Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Scotland Votes on Independence

This is the day that they may look back and tell their enemies... they may take their lives... but they'll never take... their FREEDOM!! Read More »

Man on the Edge: Worst Halloween Costume?

Since the outfits are already on sale, Rance hit the streets to find out: what's the worst costume you could wear this year? Read More »

Edge on Demand: Apple Releases iOS 8

Every major news website in the world is buzzing about iOS 8... so what's the big deal? Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Jetpack That Makes You Run Faster

Talk about a sweat: Arizona State has developed a new jetpack, not for flying, but it does help you run about twice as fast as normal... Read More »

Man on the Edge: Have You Downloaded iOS 8?

Our resident Apple fanboi, Robert Wilder, hit the streets looking for update adopters... Read More »

Edge on Demand: America's Greatest Threat

The U.S. is preparing the military for actions on two fronts: sending more troops to Iraq to fight against ISIS, and sending troops to Africa to help fight Ebola. Which threat is more imminent? Read More »

Edge on the Clock: World's First 3D-Printed Car!

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Illinois, the world's first 3D-printed car has rolled off the old ink-jet and onto the streets... Read More »

Man on the Edge: What's the Biggest Threat to America?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to ask: which is a bigger threat to the U.S.: Ebola or ISIS? Read More »

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