Edge On Demand

Edge on Demand: Earth Day Edition!

Has Earth Day accomplished its goal? Is the environment better off now than it was 44 years ago? Read More »

Man on the Edge: How Much Money Would It Take...

...for you to take a kick to the head? Remember the kid who took a boot to the face for taking a selfie next to a train? He's making bank. Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Affirmative Non-Action

The Supreme Court says it's okay to get rid of Affirmative Action, so long as it's okay with voters... Read More »

Man on the Edge: Has Earth Day Made a Difference?

Robert Wilder hits the streets to find out if you think Earth Day has done its job in raising environmental awareness... Read More »

Edge on Demand: Should the Media Name Notorious Criminals?

Many believe the media shouldn't use the names of people suspected in heinous acts such as the Boston bombings. What do you think? Read More »

Man on the Edge: Your Best Sexy Voice!

According to researchers in Pennsylvania, it's impossible for a man to sound "sexy". Do you buy it? Read More »

Edge on the Clock: Teen Stowaway Foils Airport Security

If a 16-year-old kid can sneak past airport security to stowaway to Hawaii, how safe do you feel on an airplane? Read More »

Man on the Edge: Your Worst First Date?

A New Jersey woman's first date ended in robbery and dog-napping! What was your worst first date? Read More »

Man on the Edge: Naming Notorious Suspects

Robert Wilder asks the people of Charlotte if you think the news media should use the names of mass murderers in their reports... Read More »

Edge on Demand: When Do You Save Face?

The silence is broken! Former Cannon aide Amari Abdul says she's done nothing wrong, but did she jump the gun with her defense? Read More »

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